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Quotes from Families and Friends

"Keeping the Spirit, Essence and Unique "Vibe" of Tot Lot Alive"

"Both our grand-children became grander and grandest at Tot Lot. What a loving and life-enhancing community"! - Sandy & Emmy See


“Tot Lot actively creates community and invites family members into that circle of love.  When I am visiting I often drop off and pick up Julian.  To a person, the staff at Tot Lot know me, call me by name, embrace me - and therefore embrace Julian and assure that he feels the strong and resilient network of love that surrounds him every day.”

“Every time I enter Tot Lot with Julian, whether for drop off/pick up or a special celebration/event, theatmosphere of genuine friendship and joy that is nurtured and cultivated there surrounds me.  I smile knowing that Julian - and all the children and families - are encouraged to be kind, strong, resilient, and considerate. Everyone is encouraged to find joy in all that surrounds us every single day.  That is a lifelong gift to all lucky to be within the Tot Lot community.”

Words for Tot Lot

Cultivate Kindness. 

Celebrate Nature.

Sing, sing, sing.

Friends hold each other up.

Everyone is Worthy.

Marcy Alexander

Ma G (Grandmother to Julian)


(Marly-alum Calvin-preschool Thomas-toddler)

"As the grandmother of three Tot Lot students over 15 years, I have enjoyed knowing that, during the most important years of their lives, they are spending time in an environment that is very welcoming, creative, attentive, and well-structured.  Tot Lot is their introduction to the big world of school.  It is the first time they are spending hours and hours regularly away from their family (in our case), and it is critical to their emotional and intellectual development that their well-being is nurtured, they are taught and practice compassion, their creativity is inspired and given time to unfold.  Thank you, Tot Lot teachers and parents for making this such a great place for my grandkids!"

Rachael Solem

"Tot Lot is at the center of all of our lives.  We depend on it to care for our children while we are off at work.  We depend on it to show our children how to play along with each other, and to begin to teach them the skills and joys of living in the coming adult world...I am amazed at how much love and dedication all of the teachers give to the job.  At that point, I say to myself, "What could I do to help out a little here?"

Thanks again,  Carl

"Tot Lot sets the standard against which I measure all other child care and education settings. As a practitioner in the early childhood field, I can say with complete confidence that the staff at Tot Lot are far and away the warmest, most loving and nurturing, and most devoted to children's growth and development that I have encountered. As the parent of a "busy," sensory-seeking child my deepest wish is for Grey to feel good about herself and maintain her love of learning while also learning to respect and consider the needs of others. The ways in which the Toddler Room teachers have accepted, embraced, and supported Grey as an individual and a member of her community fills me with gratitude for our inclusion here on a daily basis. Tot Lot is a truly special place!"

Jessie Leonard (Mom to Grey)

The mission of the Cambridgeport Children’s Center is to provide a nurturing and inclusive child-centered early childhood educational experience based on a Reggio-inspired vision that values diversity and respect.  We actively promote partnerships between children, families, teachers and the community.