Work Week-Learning Story

Learning Story

August 30, 2018

Jessica was inspired by Marlena asking to put out materials to make dream catchers one day in August. 

We set up a basket for Marlena to invite friends to join her in making dream catchers.

Jessica and I talked about using the basket during work week to invite teachers to collaborate and make dream catchers during one of our meeting days.  I was inspired by the idea and wondered if it would support teachers in having something to do with their hands during hours of meeting time.

I introduced the basket of materials and invited the teachers to use the materials during the day.

I saw Sarah quickly started working on a dream catcher and then other teachers throughout the day worked on a dream catcher.  I noticed each teacher working on an individual dream catcher and wondered if they would collaborate later during the day.  I left the basket out in the documentation space to see if they continued to work on them at later times.  I think I will bring them back out again at a later time.