Cambridge Sidewalk Poetry Contest

Tot Lot is hoping to submit a community Found Poem to the Cambridge Sidewalk Poetry Contest!!  Corinne introduced the toddler classroom to Found Poetry.  The Toddlers have been "writing" poems using words from favorite books, and words from our classroom vocabulary.  The preschoolers started writing words for the toddlers to use and some of our toddlers are also writing words for our poems.  While we are not writing "Pure Found Poetry" we are following the basic principle.  Daniel brought in the city's sidewalk poetry contest and we have decided it is a great way to extend learning and invite families to participate.  Corinne will introduce found poetry to preschool and our hope is to have either one classroom collaborative poem or a toddler and preschool poem. 

Our community poem will be using  words found in our mission statement and our values.  Families are encouraged to circle the word or words that inspire you-this will be posted in the front entranceway with markers of multiple colors.  Families may circle the same word(s) but please use a different color. 

The mission of Cambridgeport Children’s Center is to provide a nurturing and inclusive child centered early childhood educational experience based on a Reggio inspired philosophy that values diversity and respect.  We actively promote partnerships between children, families, teachers, and the community.

Community Pillars

  • Engaging in Authentic and Transparent Communication
  • Understanding, Embracing and Celebrating Diversity
  • Building Community and Meaningful Connections with each other
  • Committing Ourselves to Being an Aware and Evolving Community of Learners
  • Keeping the Spirit, Essence and Unique “Vibe of Tot Lot Alive