Ages: 15 months through two years and nine months


Ratio:  3 teachers: 9 children


Hours: 7:45-5:45

Daily Schedule:  The daily schedule is consistent, yet flexible to meet the needs of the children.

Arrival-Open Choice-Breakfast/Morning Circle/Focused Learning Groups/Outdoor-Gross Motor/Story/Lunch/Nap/Open Choice, Snack, Outdoor/Gross Motor/Story/Departure

Team Teaching with specified primary teachers per child/family:  Each child's primary teacher supports the partnerships between the teaching team and the family through regular communication, sharing of children's development and learning through Teaching Strategies Gold (online developmental portfolio) and family conferences at least three times per year.

 Goals:  To open a child’s mind to the beauty of science and the natural world; To foster intellectual curiosity, creative expression and encourage discovery; To create a community that promotes cross-cultural communication and respect and lays the foundation for empathetic understanding; To teach conflict resolution skills and provide opportunities for children to problem solve through a rich curriculum

 Our youngest classroom is a special place designed for children and families to have their first school experience. The classroom environment and the curriculum are designed to help children feel safe, nurtured and valued as individuals in our community. It is amazing to witness the developing relationships between a young child and his/her teachers and peers. For our youngest children these bonds create the environment where they want to come and learn. We are committed to the uniqueness of each family's experience and needs, and we celebrate and respect these differences in our community. Our children and families feel that Tot Lot is an extension of home. As part of the home/school partnership, we integrate home languages, expressions, and some practices into our classroom. Our teachers learn some key words and incorporate these into the child's classroom life. We provide children and families with the support, opportunities, guidance and models for forming meaningful, exciting and inclusive relationships. Very young children learn the importance of trying new things and experimenting with the world around them as they work, learn, and play together. As their self-esteem and self-awareness grow they find security in the relationships they have formed.