Building with Magnet Tiles

Our toddler friends continue to build with magnet tiles on a daily basis. They build up and build structures to fill with teddy bears and other objects.

Preparing for our Art Show

The toddler room is busy experiencing a variety of art forms to prepare for our annual art show. We have been learning about different artists and exploring multiple art mediums-clay, paint, wire, fabric, canvas, printing, dye and more .

Foam Paint with our hands and vehicles

Today we mixed yellow and blue foam paint to make green. We added vehicles to make tracks. The Toddlers enjoyed exploring this sensory experience with all of our senses.

Messy but Fun!

Today I was changing out the sand in the sensory table and decided to do water play with the toddlers. I put green water, beakers, and measuring cups in the sensory table for the children to explore.

After a while of exploration I added cornstarch for mixing and to make ooblek, I then added constructions vehicles, pots and pans.

The children explored this sensory experience for an extended period of time throughout the morning. Some children came, went and came back while others stayed for the whole time. A few of our friends were not interested in the messy experience while some of us had so much fun!

Sensory Experiences

The toddlers enjoy sensory experiences, using their hands and their bodies to explore and learn.

Paint, Sand, Goop, Oobleck, Play dough are all materials we encourage children to explore-developing small muscles in their hands, language skills , problem solving strategies, math knowledge and social skills while having so much fun


The toddlers are enjoying spending more time at the park, playing in the sand, riding vehicles, climbing etc. The walk tot he park is a great opportunity to observe what is happening in our community.

February 2019

Math Skills

  • How tall can you build with magnet tiles?

  • How long is your mobilio vehicle?

  • Shape Recognition

  • Geometry

  • Number Recognition

  • Sorting by one or more attributes

  • How many beans to fill the jar?

Indoor gross motor activities

The toddlers have been doing yoga, large block building, obstacle courses, dancing, balance beams and bean bag toss to support large muscle needs.

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

The toddler friends have connected their interest in letters to the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, we have added magnet letters and flannel board letters to the classroom for the children to explore.