Wednesday January 17, 2018

It all began with paper, markers, tape and scissors on the table.  One friend sat down and demonstrated her scissor skills to her mom.  Then a child sat down and began drawing with markers.  Soon other children joined the table. One child got up and brought glue to the table and then materials for gluing.  Soon several children were at the table, one continued to draw while others squeezed the glue onto their paper and then added buttons, pom poms and paper.  We talked about colors-the toddlers are able to identify many of the colors-we talked about "more" -"how many" -"bigger-smaller" (math concepts) while each child engaged in the materials in their own way.

Today we introduced a new magnetic material to the classroom for the children to investigate.  Several children attached them together to make them long and then moved around the classroom using them as trains.