Math Skills

The toddlers are voting for the songs they want to sing at the end of the celebration.  The first step was brainstorming songs.  Then each child chose the songs they wanted to sing by writing their name on the survey.  We counted how many voted for each song and chose the two songs with the most votes.

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Sorting Manipulatives by one or more attributes.


Using books are resources to learn more about worms and rolling balls of play dough into worms.

Toddlers exploring nature

Toddlers painting flowers

Toddlers exploring nest making materials


We "built" a womery.  We made a pattern of layers using rocks, soil and sand.  We put leaves on the top and then added worms!  We can see the tracks of the worms in the layers.  We now can observe and document the worms and the wormery!

May 14 & 15, 2018

Digging for worms for the wormery

Building up