The toddlers are using magnifying glasses to observe insects to sketch.

Salt Dough

To extend the children’s interest in insects, they made salt dough to use to sculpt their own insects.

Park Play

The toddlers enjoy and explore in a variety of ways at the park: Gross motor, language, problem solving, experimenting, wondering, social skills, dramatic play and much more.

Ramp Painting

The toddlers took their interest in painting and ramps to the front yard -exploring drip painting on a larger scale.


The toddlers are busy throughout the day exploring a variety of materials and activities.

  • Painting

  • Sorting and Lining Up

  • Constructing/Building

  • Reading

  • Cutting/Gluing and Taping

  • Practicing mindfulness

  • Riding Toys

  • Park Play


Our toddler friends are exploring ramps in a variety of ways. They built ramps in the front yard to explore with water. AT the art table the teachers provided them with clipboard ramps, eye droppers and paint to explore ramps with paint.

Rice and Beans

Our toddlers made rice and beans for snack today. We explored rice and beans in our sensory table for several days. Lori shared her Moms recipe with us. The children soaked and cooked the beans yesterday. Today we chopped ingredients, made the rice and will be eatng delicious rice and beans for snack. YUM!