April Learning

The preschoolers are very excited that Spring is here...more outdoor time, walking to the neighborhood parks and seeing signs of spring everywhere.  In the classroom we are exploring colors as we prepare to celebrate the festival of colors-Holi.  The children conducted a survey to find out what everyone's favorite color is and then used the data to choose the color of the smoothies we made using strawberries, blueberries and blackberries-to make purple smoothies-the children were so excited about the survey that they do their own surveys daily. The children have incorporated writing into everything they do and are learning about maps, directions (North-South-East and West), longitude and latitude.  One of our friends has been sharing his wealth of knowledge about volcanoes-so we are in process of making a volcano out of paper mache and when it is finished we will make it erupt.  As the weather warms we are starting to plan our garden and will soon begin planting.