Visit from the Department of Public Works and the Park Department

Our preschoolers were inspired to write a letter to the city of Cambridge because they were worried about the plants/berries at the park that are poisonous. The preschoolers were concerned their friends may eat the berries and get sick. Several of our children wrote letters with Sarah which we mailed and YES! the City wrote back to us. We were excited that they responded to our persuasive writing and were even more excited when they called and wanted to come to Tot Lot to talk to us about the park. Today workers from the park department and the department of public works came to our gathering time. They told us all about the Pokeberry plant and how even though it can be poisonous it is also helpful as some birds and animals eat it, people use the berries to make dye and ink and there are also medicinal uses. We should never eat anything that we find outside unless an adult knows that it is safe.

We asked about the seagrass as many of us get cuts from it and they said they would check it out, we asked them to plant strawberries and wondered about planting bamboo instead of the seagrass so we could play in it without getting hurt.

Check out our learning story, letters and photos from today. We are so proud that our preschoolers are being active citizens!