Friday January 26, 2018

Families, as you may have noticed the tops of the cubbies are used for displaying children work-please do not put  stuff on top of our displays.  Children's art work to go home will be placed inside your child's cubby. 

The children are making mobiles to hang from the ceiling on our cavern room.  We are using wood shapes and shiny gems.  The teachers have introduced our preschoolers to a new tool -a hot glue gun-we are teaching them saftey in using tools as part of our classroom learning. 

The children are provided with many opportunities to read books through out the day.  We encourage their enjoyment of books and reading.  Children read books independently, in small groups, with friends and with families.

The back room is being transformed as part of our cavern construction-the children are epaining the walls to add another element to the cavern room.