Tuesday January 23, 2018

Surreal Collage-The investigation of Surreal Collages began last year when we worked with Omo (Kamara's Dad) on a math book based on our trip to the City's Truck Show.  We were inspired by Nina Crews and added a collection of her books to our library.  The preschoolers this year began by exploring collaging in their journals-check them out in the art room.  Da Un displayed examples of surreal collages to inspire us. We have added Nina Crews' books back into our classroom display and introduced her work and the concept of Surreal Collage at Gathering.  The teachers have added photos of the children, different body parts and magazines to inspire  children's work. 

The children became very interested in a new material in our classroom, perler beads.  The beads are used to make a design on frame and then fused together with an iron.  I am continuously impressed by how long they work on this and continue to go back to this activity.  It requires patience and perseverance.  The children have taken this interest and connected it to our investigation of surreal collage.  They are amzing pieces of art, please check them out throughout our classroom.