Wednesday April 11, 2018

Today Daniel was inspired by a new resource book:  Bringing the Outside In  Ideas for Creating Nature-Based Classroom Experiences for Young Children by Sandra Duncan, EdD and Jody Martin

Today Maddy went independently into our mindfulness area and praticed mindful breathing!

Today Gabriel shared a mindfulness experience we learned about at the workshop. Each child chose a rock and spent time with it, then the rocks went back into the basket.  Children were invited to find their chosen rock.

Monday April 9, 2018

Today we opened the package that Moctar Yara sent to us from his store in New York at gathering and formally introduced Katanu Kay and her work to the children, This morning we invited the children to explore her work using photos of  Fabric from Africa as an initial step in the children's art process. 

Wednesday March 21, 2018

Some of the children decided they wanted to make paper again, we have kept the materials available in the event children wanted to revisit this expereince.