Sink and Float Exploration

In the preschool the children have been really enjoying water play. Through this activity we have also began exploring sink and float using different items throughout the classroom. The children created rafts using popsicle sticks, foam, and tooth picks. 


July 2018



Music and Dance


Creative Play

Ramp Exploration

Math Skills

Connecting children's interest in insects to math-How many fireflies can you fit in your jar?  Counting, number recognition, inside of/outside of.  Literacy, motor, writing and of social skills are also incorporated into this activity.

Preschool Office Play

We set up a preschool office with materials donated by one of our families.  The children are engaged in pretend play, communication, writing and math. 

New Manipulative

We introduced a new manipulative into our learning environment.  The children can match shapes and colors.  They can also use a diagram as a model for building.

Our community

Our preschoolers are comfortable asking questions of adults.  The police came to the park to talk to the neighbor about the chickens.  Our preschoolers asked them questions and the Cambridge Police Officer was kind and respectful, answering their questions.

Preschool Emergent Learning

Creative Play

Radish tasting from Julian's garden

Face Painting-Thank you Maya for inspiring us

Building a calming space

We are connecting our interest in wood working, caverns and mindfulness. We are building a calming cavern for our classroom.  Thank you to Sarah for all of her work in our wood working.