Visit from the Department of Public Works and the Park Department

Our preschoolers were inspired to write a letter to the city of Cambridge because they were worried about the plants/berries at the park that are poisonous. The preschoolers were concerned their friends may eat the berries and get sick. Several of our children wrote letters with Sarah which we mailed and YES! the City wrote back to us. We were excited that they responded to our persuasive writing and were even more excited when they called and wanted to come to Tot Lot to talk to us about the park. Today workers from the park department and the department of public works came to our gathering time. They told us all about the Pokeberry plant and how even though it can be poisonous it is also helpful as some birds and animals eat it, people use the berries to make dye and ink and there are also medicinal uses. We should never eat anything that we find outside unless an adult knows that it is safe.

We asked about the seagrass as many of us get cuts from it and they said they would check it out, we asked them to plant strawberries and wondered about planting bamboo instead of the seagrass so we could play in it without getting hurt.

Check out our learning story, letters and photos from today. We are so proud that our preschoolers are being active citizens!

Scooter Repair

The preschoolers found a scooter at the park and decided to bring it back to school to explore and hopefully repair.

The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza by Philomen Sturges and Amy Walrod

The preschoolers are always interested in cooking, at planning meeting the teachers decided to make pizza with the children. This will be a several day process. Today as the first step, the teachers set up a provocation with salt dough, flour, rollers and “toppings” to inspre the children to make their own pizza.

Worm Habitat

Our preschoolers have been finding worms while digging in the front yard. Daniel was inspired to research how to make a worm habitat to extend this interest. Once the wormery is finished with the worms living in it, we will be able to see the tunnels made by the worms in the soil. We are so excited to continue on this process.

Still Life Painting Inpsired by a flower

Today a friend brought in a flower from her garden. As we have all been interested in seeing spring blossom all around us I was provoked to set out water colors, sketch markers and paper along with the flower in a vase. Some friends were inspired to paint a flower while others were inspired by the colors. All of our paintings provoke thoughts of spring!

Water Play

Our preschoolers are enjoying water play-pouring, measuring, squeezing sponges and of course splashing!

Tools and Wood

Our preschoolers have been using hammers,nails, screwdrivers, screws and safety glasses in our classroom. The children are screwing screws and hammering nails into a long piece of wood as an introduction to wood working in our classroom.

Front Yard Play

We are so lucky to have our front yard as an extension of our learning environment. The preschoolers have been enjoying the front yard in the afternoon.

Children enjoy our climbing wall, digging and exploring nature, and outdoor art.

A few of our current interests

Photography, Sand Play, Clay Exploration, Clay and Animals, Outdoor Art, Sand and Construction Vehicles, Reading with a friend, Lego Work, Baby Play, Lego Building, Music Making, Geography, Natural Materials, Building a dinosaur, dressing the baby, translucent lego constructions

Creative Play

Preschoolers enjoy spending time in our creative play room where they can create dramatic play and use a variety of materials to extend their creativity. The children develop language skills, fine and large muscle skills, counting, and social emotional skills including: problem solving, taking turns, interacting with friends and entering and sustaining play.

Tot Lot Lego Work

Our preschoolers have been very interested in building with Legos. We have removed all legos except square bricks and are connecting legos with mosaics. Children have been working independently and collaboratively on their lego art and lego structures.


  • Fine muscle

  • Color identification

  • Sorting

  • Shape recognition

  • Counting

  • Language

  • Collaborative Building

  • Visual Art