Wednesday March 21, 2018

Some of the children decided they wanted to make paper again, we have kept the materials available in the event children wanted to revisit this expereince.

Monday March 19, 2018

Poetry by Preschool


Bald Eagle by Rohan and Jackson

They have sharp talons.

They have sharp beaks for eating.

Eagles eat fish.

Found Poetry

Wood Working-Using tools safely.

Dramatic Play-Role Playing, Language development, social skills

Wednesday March 7, 2018

Movement and Dance

On Friday March 2, 2018 Rob introduced and shared the book TRIANGLE (Shape Trilogy) by Mac Barnett during gathering time.  After gathering time the children were invited to use the story to inspire their painting.

Monday March 5, 2018

Sensory Exploration:  The children are exploring goop and sand in their sensory play.  Daniel added loose parts, funnels and scoops to the kinetic sand table.

Friday March 2, 2018

Learning Story of our cavern.

The cavern was inspired by the children's interests in animals and caves earlier in the year.  The children were building caves from blocks and we added animals to extend their interests.  Some of our children are very interested in animals and we are always reflecting on ways to incorporate and extend this interest.  Through our observations and reflections we realized they their interest in animals was about them sharing and learning facts about animals and using animals in their play.

As we began to think about our art show in May, Daniel introduced Wes Sam-Bruce and his exhibit Cavernous The Inner Life of Courage.  Daniel introduced photos of Wes Sam-Bruce's exhibit to the children as a provocation.  We then added boxes for the children to paint.  The interest in the cavern took off and expanded to the walls and the ceiling of the back room. 

We introduced special markers, shiny materials and geodes to continue to connect and extend the children's learning.

In February we made our own crystals to extend our learning using borox and water and epsom salts and water. 

The cavern continues to grow and is now the main play in the back room. We reorganized the classroom to make more space for the cavern so we could continue to expand it. Families have continued to bring in large boxes and the cavern now has several areas and places for children to explore.

This learning story is Reggio Inpsired, a way to share the journey of learning that happens in our classroom.  This leanring jhourney is over the course of sevbeal months and is still continuing.  Today I noticed the children had built what looked like a caver out of holow blocks which inspired me to write this story.  Enjoy!

Monday February 26, 2018

Today we made smoothies with Daniel, he brought in a variety of interesting fruits for us to choose, cut up and make into indivudal smoothies for afternoon snack

Wednesday February 21, 2018

Today at gathering time Gabriel set up a map scavenger hunt with the children.  Each child was in a group by ribbon color.  Each map gave a clue as to the location of the next map.  The groups worked together to find the maps based on the cues from the previous map.  The children worked together to read the maps and then reported back to the larger group

Friday February 16, 2018

Pao de Queijo (Brazilian Cheese Bread-without the cheese or eggs)


Preschoolers reading in the cavern-Literacy-Socal Skills

Making Oobleck-Measuring-Counting-Solids/Liquids


Performing Arts-Ballet

Photo Feb 15, 9 54 18 AM.jpg

Planning and Designing wood working project