Tot Lot Pillars

 "... asking each other essential questions and using positive proactive language" 

"There is a sense of individual appreciation and that kids are working toward figuring out who they are and their place in the world." 

"... actively reaching out to find ways that folks can feel welcomed, included and part of the community" 

"..building family to family connections" 

"It is important to recognize our strengths ... We want [children] to come out with a love for learning, a sense of social justice and the strength to overcome adversity." 

" We want] to bring back a stronger sense of conflict resolution and revisit what an anti-bias curriculum can look and feel like" 

"The curriculum is flexible and empowers children"

"Tot Lot is a place with an energetic and funky vibe where you can drop your kids off and never have to worry.  They are even happier here than at home.  I want to be here!"

"Tot Lot can a place that fosters the kind of world we want our children to live in." 



Mission Statement

The mission of the Cambridgeport Children’s Center is to provide a nurturing and inclusive early childhood educational experience based on a Reggio-inspired philosophy that values diversity and respect.

We actively promote partnerships between children, families, teachers, and the community.