2014-2015 Musical Journey of Learning

Tot Lot has embarked on a musical journey of learning.  The teachers are participating in professional development opportunities and sharing individual musical talents.  We have turned our visual arts studio into a music studio and have started a music enrichment program.  Families are sharing instruments, music , materials to make instruments and of course sharing their talents with us.  We will be learning about beats, instruments, composers and exploring music in variety of new ways that we will incorporate into our classrooms.

And of course when we hear and play music we have to move our bodies--we will also be learning dance and movement as we learn and enrich our musical experiences!

New Photos added-12/18 music with Rubi

New photos added  on 1/13/15-learning Do Re Mi-with the Xylophones(December 2014) and experimenting with the different tones made by with water and jars

Music Journey Updated 1/21/15  

Toddlers and preschoolers are exploring claves.

Preschoolers are learning ballet poses and a friend of one of our teachers came in ad shared her dance with preschoolers.

The children are enjoying learning new songs, learning about different composers and different movement songs with Rubi.

Syncopated Clock

Music with Rubi

Preschoolers performing the Russian Dance

Preschoolers practicing the Russian Dance